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Hi, I'm Chris, a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor based in Solihull, UK. I deliver 1-2-1 Personal Training, online Personal Training, nutritional services, health / wellness programs & assessments for corporate clients.

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My Story

I've been involved in fitness since an early age. Fitness is everything to me, but over the years I've made countless mistakes based on all the misinformation in the media, internet, health magazines etc. I couldn't understand why I wasn't making the progress that I wanted to see.


Frustrated, I knew it could be better. Lots better. So, I gave up my well paid employment to turn my passions into a reality to train, help others and improve their lifestyles too. Also not to make the same mistakes as I have over the years!


Prioritising fitness and nutrition into your lifestyle is absolutely key for both the physical and mental health benefits. Furthermore, having exercise and proper nutrition into your lifestyle reduces the risk of many health issues faced in society today. Our bodies were built to move, walk, run, jump, climb...all activities that stretch back to the dawn of human evolution!


A developed 24/7 society, built around technology and fast food, has impacted our lifestyles so much that a recent study shown that people will spend less that 1% of their life on physical fitness and exercise. A staggering statistic I'm sure you agree. The ultimate aim is to lead a better quality of life as we age and grow older.


Thus, Mean & Lean Fitness was born. My small, humble, but hopefully valuable contribution to help others achieve any fitness goal they may have.


My concept is simple and I practice what I preach. I prioritise strength and conditioning alongside nutrition. So, whether you want to get stronger, build muscle, lose fat or get toned. My ultimate aim is to get you investing in your body long term for a better quality of life. My methods are science based, so no quick fixes or fad diets here! My mantra is in my business name. Train mean, by working hard, and stay lean, by being active and fuelling yourself with proper nutrition.


I will work you hard, keep you focused, motivated, & teach you good habits. Together we will make effective, gradual changes that are achievable and sustainable long term.


You will learn and follow a solid, structured programme, understand nutrition, to build what YOU want to achieve and get you the results you deserve for a better quality of life. Your health is your true wealth.


Having a strong work ethic, coupled with meeting your targets will stand you in good stead for life, well away from any gym environment. I want to get the best out of you, so you have my full support and guidance to meet your needs.


If you like the sound of this and think I can help, then contact me at or via my social media for a free consultation to kick-start your journey to a new you. If you're a business and looking to assess the health and wellbeing of your employees to make long term strategic decisions, and improve your staffs' health and productivity, contact me and we can work together on a health assessment programme.


Yours in health. Chris.


If you're looking to change you body, improve your fitness and mental wellbeing, then get in touch! 

07465 209689

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