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I’ve been training with Chris now for around 4 months and I can safely say it’s the best thing I’ve decided to do. I’d hit 45 and was feeling generally out of shape and lacking drive in my life. Since starting my training I’ve felt invigorated and have really started to see the results in the mirror!
Don’t think this is a walk in the park though as Chris will push you and expect you to put the work in through his personalised workout plans that he sends. Overall Chris is a really friendly top guy that genuinely cares about your goals and aspirations and will ensure you get there. Can’t recommend him enough.


I started training with Chris 4 weeks before my wedding, I needed to tone, lose inches and I wanted nutritional advice. He put me on a plan and I started training straight away. Even though this may have been a challenge, Chris was great about the time scales and he knew he could help me.
I love my training sessions because I’ve always completed cardio and been a runner in the past but this training completely different to what I’ve done before and has given me confidence to push myself and exceed. There are parts of the training I’ve never ever done before and I thoroughly enjoy it plus I was thrilled with the results just before the wedding! The dress fitted perfectly!
Chris is a great guy to train with, knows the goals you want to hit and keeps you to them. He is really encouraging and is always polite and professional and totally dedicated to the health and fitness of all his clients. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone thinking of working with a personal trainer!
Thanks Chris for all your hard work


I started with Chris at the start of the summer 2019, I'd lost my mojo for running (something I used to really love) and any kind of resistance work. I felt I'd lost my way, and wanted a new challenge.

Chris was great, he listened to what I wanted to achieve, talked to me about diet, food groups and how the body the reacts to these and more importantly worked out plans that I could use with both him and on my own.

I'm just about to embark on my third block of PT sessions with him. The sessions are great and I look forward to them (even though he puts me through my paces!). I've been really pleased with my results so far (strength and body shape change) and I've definitely got my mojo back.

I would really recommend Chris, he's a top guy, friendly and welcoming, passionate about what he does, very knowledgable about the best ways to train, nutrition, food plans and dieting.

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