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Going Back To The Gym vs Home Workouts?

If there's one thing this global pandemic has shown us, is that you can do home workouts that aren't totally crap. Whilst you have to make some compromises, I think a lot of people have been surprised about how challenging some exercises can be with minimal equipment.

With gyms reopening in the UK on 25th July, it may be tempting to put your home gym equipment away in the cupboard, collecting dust (or a clothes line!). I'm going to try and convince you NOT to do that.

Pre-booking and limited numbers in the gym may be the norm for a while. If you can only train during peak times, you may struggle to workout as much as you'd like, which means either a home workout or no workout. Not to mention the limited numbers in the classes, and the amount of social distancing required and reduced equipment available.

Then we have the amount of time available to you to workout. Maybe you have more time now then ever if you're working from home and commuting less, but think of all the times you may have pied off a workout because you didn't have time.

If you have equipment readily available in your home (and not in your cupboard), you can workout and get a session in whenever you have the available time. Ifyou only have 30 minutes, that's not enough time to get to the gym, get temperature checked, clean down equipment between us, whilst trying to get a decent session in.

Also, not all exercises / muscles require expensive gym equipment. If you have dumbbells up to say, 15kg, you can easily put together a challenging session that would be no different to the gym for most people.

With all that said, you may want to try a hybrid of a home and gym programme. Making your gym sessions more valuable by doing your heavier work and using equipment you haven't got at home, machines, cables etc. Whilst focusing on smaller muscle groups at home with minimal equipment (even body-weight workouts).

However you work it, something is always better than nothing and as I always try and tell you, consistency is everything!

In case you wasn't already aware, I run a membership programme with 3 30 minute live online fitness classes a week. They are recorded so you can do them in your own time. Plus, you get a 30 day free trial, so try before you buy (which is less than 50p a day by the way!). If you want to know more, visit my website here -

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